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Cat Lindsay

Cat Lindsay
Client Service Specialist

I’m a list-maker who likes rules and regulations, processes and procedures. That reads like something one just makes up about anyone working in the finance sector in order to make them sound good. But in my case, it’s true, and it’s just one reason why I feel so comfortable in my role as Client Service Specialist.

Another reason I so enjoy being in this field is because I have so much in common with many of our clients. I initially sought out a financial advisor after the unexpected death of my husband. I was suddenly in a position I never expected: solely responsible for my finances. It was my then-financial advisor who recognized my potential, and set me on the right path.

I know first-hand how important it is to have the right partner looking after your money, and how life-changing the right partnership can be. I come alongside Ryan to help him provide outstanding service. I take care of all matters for clients outside of advice and trades, often working on deposits, distributions, account administration, charitable gifts, and event planning.